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JBIMA (Jurnal Bisnis dan Manajemen) is a scholarly journal published by Universitas Peradaban, and managed by the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business. It is a professional periodical that offers open access forum to publish relevant research on all areas of business and management. The journal provides a forum for original research articles and reviews on various topics in business and management, including but not limited to Business Strategy and Policy, Entrepreneurship, Micro and Small Medium Enterprise, Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Behavioral Finance, Banking and Finance, Capital Market, Islamic Finance, Risk Management, Marketing Management, Product Innovation Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Production and Operational Management, Supply Chain Management, and Strategic Management. The journal publishes theoretical or empirical manuscripts twice a year (March and September). The journal adheres to blind peer review to ensure the originality and quality of the publication.
Important Note: JBIMA (Jurnal Bisnis dan Manajemen) was first published in 2013 via the https://journal.peradaban.ac.id/index.php/jbm/index as a publication media, but starting in July 2022, JBIMA (Jurnal Bisnis dan Manajemen) changes the domain to https://jbima.web.id. The process of changing this domain is due to the instability and failure of the server on the old page to send emails from OJS to editors, reviewers, and authors. Currently, articles published in JBIMA (Jurnal Bisnis dan Manajemen) from Volume 1 to Volume 7 can still be accessed via the old page https://journal.peradaban.ac.id/index.php/jbm/index and start from Volume 8, articles published in JBIMA (Jurnal Bisnis dan Manajemen) can be accessed via the new page https://jbima.web.id/index.php/jbima

ISSN: 2338-9729 (Print)

ISSN: 2598-8948 (Online)

Distribution: Open Access

Frequency: The JBIMA (Jurnal Bisnis dan Manajemen) is published by Universitas Peradaban and managed by the Management Department, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Peradaban. It is published twice a year (March and September), numbers 1 and 2. Each issue comprises 8 (eight) articles.


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